Gatton Remembers... 100 years on

2014 is the hundred year anniversary of the start of the First World War. The Royal Alexandra and Albert School will be marking the anniversary with various events and activities to raise pupils' awareness of the First World War.In the words of the Prime Minister we want "To honour those who served, remember those who died and ensure the lessons learnt live with us forever."

Like many other schools we have Old Scholars who lost their lives in the First World War and each is remembered every year in our Remembrance Day Service. Over the next four years we will go further and visit war cemeteries in the UK and Flanders to lay memorials at the graves of our Old Scholars.

At the time of the First World War this School was actually two orphanages (the two orphanages came together in Gatton Park after the Second World War). The First World War created many war orphans and at least sixty were admitted to the Royal Alexandra School or the Royal Albert School, both of which were orphanages at the time. One of the projects between 2014-2018 will be to find out more about the war orphans.

If you have had a connection with the School in the past, or you have some information that might help us to add detail to the knowledge we have of the period 1914-1918 please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

This website will be dynamic record of the activities this School is undertaking to mark the anniversary of the First World War. Much of the content will be produced by pupils and the aim is to have a permanent record of the part this School played in this dramatic time in our shared history.


Visit to the Somme

Remembrance Day

There were two Remembrance Day services at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School on 11th November.

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