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WW1 Matchboxes

Year 9 Art classes have been making detailed and delicate art in their lessons. Small matchboxes have appeared in the School’s reception, each individual and containing something linked with the First World War.

Pupils chose a number of different scenes and objects to depict on their matchboxes. They became soldiers’ backpacks and satchels, parcels and letters sent to the front line, letterboxes, tanks and aeroplanes, flags, trenches, cemeteries, and tiny fields of poppies.

Head of Art, Miss Killen, said of the project, “The matchbox art challenge was aimed to give pupils an understanding of what can be made with restricted materials. This was to give them a better understanding of rationing from the war, where food and resources were limited.

Having brainstormed various WW1 artefacts and images from the trenches, pupils designed their matchboxes to include these images and artefacts.

The objective of the project was, as with all year 9 schemes of work, to encourage pupils to take risks with their work and be happy to try out ideas in preparation for GCSE Art in Year 10.”

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